Tecnifibre NRG2 Tennis String Review

If you’re a tennis enthusiast in search of a high-performance string that offers power and durability, look no further than the Tecnifibre NRG2 Tennis String. This multifilament string boasts a PU Inside SPL coating and Elastyl fibers, making it a popular choice amongst pro players. With its sleek black color and size 17, this string is sure to enhance your game and provide the power you need to dominate on the court.

Tecnifibre NRG2 Tennis String

Why Consider This Product?

If you’re looking to enhance your tennis game, the Tecnifibre NRG2 Tennis String is a product worth considering. With its advanced features and numerous benefits, this string can make a significant difference in your performance on the court.

One key reason to consider this product is its effectiveness in providing more power to your shots. The NRG2 Tennis String features Elastyl fibers, which are known for their resilience and the ability to generate greater power. This means you can hit the ball harder and with more force, giving you an edge over your opponents.

Furthermore, the PU Inside SPL coating on this string contributes to its exceptional performance. This coating ensures better durability and enhances the string’s ability to maintain tension, allowing you to maintain consistent play throughout your matches.

Scientific research and customer testimonials support the effectiveness of the Tecnifibre NRG2 Tennis String. Professionals on the pro circuits have benefited from using this string, and their success speaks volumes about its quality and performance.

Features and Benefits

Maximum Power and Control

The Tecnifibre NRG2 Tennis String offers maximum power and control on the court. The Elastyl fibers provide excellent resilience and power generation, allowing you to hit powerful shots with ease. Additionally, the string’s design provides a balanced level of control, allowing for precise placement and accuracy in your shots.

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Exceptional Durability

With the PU Inside SPL coating, this tennis string ensures exceptional durability. The coating adds an extra layer of protection and prolongs the string’s lifespan. You can rely on the Tecnifibre NRG2 Tennis String to withstand long and intense matches without compromising its performance.

Consistent Tension Maintenance

Another notable feature of this string is its ability to maintain tension consistently. This means that you won’t experience a loss of tension over time, ensuring that your shots remain consistent throughout your game. This feature is particularly beneficial for players who require precise and accurate shots.

Versatile Size and Color Options

The Tecnifibre NRG2 Tennis String is available in size 17 and comes in a sleek black color. This versatility allows players to customize and personalize their tennis racquets according to their preferences. Whether you prefer a thicker or thinner gauge, this string has you covered.

Product Quality

Tecnifibre is renowned for its commitment to producing high-quality tennis equipment, and the NRG2 Tennis String is no exception. The brand has established itself as a trusted and reliable choice among professionals and amateurs alike. With its focus on using top-quality materials and innovative technology, Tecnifibre ensures that their products meet the highest standards in the industry.

The NRG2 Tennis String is made with premium Elastyl fibers and features the PU Inside SPL coating, both of which contribute to its superior quality. Tecnifibre’s dedication to providing top-notch products guarantees that you’ll be satisfied with the performance and durability of this tennis string.

What It’s Used For

Enhanced Power and Performance

The primary purpose of the Tecnifibre NRG2 Tennis String is to enhance your power and performance on the tennis court. By utilizing the Elastyl fibers and PU Inside SPL coating, this string maximizes your shot power, allowing you to hit harder strokes with confidence. Whether you’re a professional player or an enthusiastic amateur, this string can take your game to the next level.

Improved Control and Accuracy

In addition to power, the NRG2 Tennis String also offers improved control and accuracy. The design and materials used in this string provide a balanced level of control, ensuring that your shots are precise and well-placed. This feature is essential for players who rely on accuracy to win points and outmaneuver their opponents.

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Long-Lasting Performance

The Tecnifibre NRG2 Tennis String is built to last, even during intense and prolonged matches. The PU Inside SPL coating enhances the string’s durability, preventing premature wear and tear. With this string, you can enjoy continuous play without having to worry about the string losing its tension or breaking unexpectedly.

Suitable for All Skill Levels

Whether you’re a beginner learning the ropes of tennis or an experienced player aiming to improve your game, the NRG2 Tennis String is suitable for all skill levels. Its balanced mix of power and control makes it versatile and adaptable to different playing styles. Regardless of your proficiency, this string will enhance your gameplay.

Tecnifibre NRG2 Tennis String

Product Specifications

Specification Details
Product Name Tecnifibre NRG2 Tennis String
Material Elastyl fibers
Coating PU Inside SPL
Size 17
Color Black

Who Needs This?

The Tecnifibre NRG2 Tennis String is perfect for any tennis player who wants to improve their game. Whether you’re a recreational player, an amateur competing in local tournaments, or a professional on the pro circuits, this string can make a difference. Its combination of power, control, and durability caters to players of all skill levels.

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptional power generation
  • Superior durability
  • Consistent tension maintenance
  • Versatile size and color options


  • May require more frequent restringing for heavy hitters


  1. How often should I restring my tennis racquet with the NRG2 Tennis String?
    • It is recommended to restring your racquet every 8-12 weeks, depending on your playing frequency and style.
  2. Can I use the NRG2 Tennis String on any tennis racquet?
    • Yes, the NRG2 Tennis String is compatible with all tennis racquets. Ensure that you choose the appropriate size to fit your racquet’s specifications.
  3. Will this string improve my game?
    • The NRG2 Tennis String is designed to enhance your game by providing more power, control, and durability. However, your overall performance also depends on your skills and practice.
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What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have tried the Tecnifibre NRG2 Tennis String have praised its performance and durability. They appreciate the exceptional power it generates and the consistent tension maintenance. Many users have noticed an improvement in their shots and overall gameplay after switching to this string.

Overall Value

Considering all its features, benefits, and positive customer feedback, the Tecnifibre NRG2 Tennis String offers excellent value for tennis players. Its ability to provide more power, control, and durability contributes to a more efficient and enjoyable playing experience, making it a worthwhile investment.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for string tension to optimize performance.
  • Regularly inspect the string for signs of wear and tear, and replace as necessary.
  • Experiment with different tension levels to find the one that suits your playing style.
  • Keep the string protected from extreme temperatures and excessive moisture to maintain its performance.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

In summary, the Tecnifibre NRG2 Tennis String is a top-tier choice for tennis players who want to elevate their game. With its exceptional power, control, and durability, it offers a significant advantage on the court. The string’s high-quality materials, innovative design, and positive customer reviews reinforce its reliability and effectiveness.

Final Recommendation

If you’re serious about improving your tennis performance, the Tecnifibre NRG2 Tennis String is a must-have. Its numerous features and benefits make it a reliable and high-performing option for all skill levels. Upgrade your tennis racquet with this string, and experience the difference it can make in your gameplay.