United Kingdom Male

Harry Wendelken

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Learn about the journey, achievements, and contributions of Harry Wendelken, a renowned tennis player from the UK. From his early years to his rise as a professional, discover his playing style, rankings, and personal life. Find inspiration in his pursuit of excellence in the world of tennis.

France Male

Alexis Gautier

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Discover the captivating story of Alexis Gautier, one of France’s talented tennis players. Delve deeper into his remarkable journey and gain a better understanding of his impact in the world of tennis. Prepare to be inspired by the incredible talent of Alexis Gautier.

United Kingdom Female

Hannah Klugman

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Learn about rising tennis star Hannah Klugman’s journey, achievements, and unique playing style. Discover her impact on UK tennis and her challenges faced both on and off the court. Explore her off-court activities, including endorsements, charitable work, and personal interests.